Foot & Ankle Injuries Hurting Your Golf Game?

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Golfers have a unique set of injuries that can limit the enjoyment of the game, or make the game not so pleasurable due to poor form and shots.  Many times knee and hip issues are directly related to the function of the foot and ankle. For example if the range of motion in the big toe joint is limited, then this will throw the alignment of the hip and knee out of position and will change your swing mechanics.  If you have arthritis in the ankle , this will change and limit your ability to rotate your legs during swing, it will also alter your stance, you will need to unconsciously change the way you hit the ball.

How do we minimize or eliminate these problems, there are many new concepts in treatment for these problems. Lets look at some new technologies that allow me to get you back to improved function and better scores.

Heel pain our number one best seller, different types of orthotics and sets of exercises eliminate the need for injections of cortisone. For heel pain that has not responded to traditional therapy we now offer a combination of high energy shockwave therapy (extra corporeal shockwave therapy ESWT) with platlet rich plasma and or amniotic membrane and fluid. This new combination of therapies provides healthy viable mesenchymal stem cells and a flood of growth factors that stimulate your body to heal it self.   This can be used for heel pain, tendon injuries, arthritic joints, diabetic wounds. The results we have seen in our studies have been frankly unbelievable.

What if your ankle joint is to far gone for the combination therapy mentioned above well in some cases we can do arthroscopic repair and implant new cartilage cells to reverse some arthritic conditions, as last resort we can know safely and reliably replace your ankle , just like hips and knees can be replaced. The same goes for your big toe joint.

It is no longer necessary to suffer, new technologies are here for you, don’t suffer, come in for an evaluation. We can discuss how to improve your foot and ankle function so we can improve your golf game, making you play better, improve your enjoyment of the game, maybe win a few more rounds.  Dr. Werber offers convenient appointments, accepts most insurances, and patients without insurance.

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