Pain in the ball of the foot

Pain in the ball of the foot can make wearing shoes, especially high heels, a burden and can be extremely uncomfortable. The answer doesn’t have to be stop wearing the foot gear you love. Women will continue to wear high heels and men will continue to wear their favorite flip-flops. This type of foot pain can be greatly reduced with the use of cushioning to provide comfort to the foot.

What is fat pad atrophy?

We spend our entire lives on our feet and that pressure can wear on the cushioning that protects the bones in your feet from the ground that you stand, walk and run on. As we age, our body’s natural fat on the bottom of the foot is lost. This is called fat pad atrophy and is common in both men and women.

What causes fat pad atrophy?

There are number of conditions that can acccelerate the breakdown of the fat pads on the bottom of your feet. When these conditions develop, fat pad atrophy can occur as well. Sometimes, fat pad restoration can aid in the treatment of other foot conditions by enhancing comfort and restoring your ability to move.

What conditions can be treated with Fat Pad Restoration?

At times the following conditions can be treated with fillers and fat pad restoration:

  • bunions
  • hammer toes
  • corns
  • calluses

Additional, fillers and fat pad restoration is used in the treatment of preulcerative skin conditions among diabetics as a means of protecting the foot from injury.

What is fat pad restoration?

Fat pad restoration is a foot treatment that restores the body’s natural cushioning to the bottom of the feet. Over time the natural fat in the ball of the foot will decrease or shift. Fat pad restoration is done in a variety of ways depending on the cause and location of the pain. Through the use of FDA approve products and cosmetic fillers, we are able to build up the high-pressure areas in the foot such as: the toes, ball of the foot and heel.

How is the fat pad in the foot restored?

This is a simple in-office procedure where minimally invasive injection therapy is used to place the fillers in the ball of the foot. The procedure provides instant cushioning, reducing pain in the foot while walking barefoot or in shoes

What type of filler is used?

FDA approved products as well as fillers used in the cosmetic industry are approved for the feet.

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