Toenail fungus can make your toenails turn yellow, and make them thick and brittle.Nail fungus infection is a condition which can be embarrassing and even painful. The infection is caused by fungus, or dermatophytes, and yeasts that invade the nail and space between the nail and its attachment to the nail bed.

Any toenail fungus sufferer will tell you that that the disease can be difficult to get under control. People will resort to creams, prescription drugs and even natural products to treat it, and usually without any luck. It is estimated that 20% of the general population has toenail fungus infection. The prevalence increases as you age.

How we treat Nail Fungus Infections

There a few different ways to treat toenail fungus depending on the severity and length of time the patient has the infection.  Schedule an appointment with one of our doctors to create the best course of action specifically designed for you.

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