Wound Care

Wounds, aka skin ulcers, can have dire consequences and are extremely frightening for both the patient and the family or caregivers. 

An ulceration or a wound can happen fast and get infected even faster! Any break in the skin is a wound and should it not heal, puts you at risk for infection which can lead to an amputation, if not treated. 

Ulcers can occur anywhere on the body, most notably on pressure areas, like the sacrum (bed sores), the heels, the tops of toes, the ends of toes, the ball of the foot, and the ankle bones. They also occur on the legs, due to swelling in the legs from a condition called venous insufficiency. Many wounds also occur due to a lack of blood flow. 

Diabetics get wounds because high blood sugar levels literally wipe out the growth factors in our blood that start the healing process. So, it’s like attempting to drive your car without the keys. 

Our doctors are trained and specialized in advanced wound healing techniques and modalities. They often say “see me for a scratch” because a wound can go from bad to worse overnight. Don’t let this happen to you. If you are suffering from anything that you think may be a wound, please schedule an appointment yesterday – your limbs are worth the appointment. 

Contact Talus inMotion Foot & Ankle today and schedule a consultation today.

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